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Case Study: Connect Recruiting

How Connect Recruiting Uses Spark Hire to Expand The Business

Dave Eberhardt's Video Testimonal

About Connect Recruiting

With over 40 years of restaurant and bar experience, Connect Recruiting has national resources to help find the most capable candidates that have the experience and professional backgrounds to take their clients’ organizations to the next level.

Goals for Video Interviewing

Connect Recruiting was looking for a way to grow their business outside of the headquarters in Dallas. Because they are responsible for placing restaurant managers and executives with restaurant companies across the United States, they needed a solution that would allow them to effectively do that.

Q&A with Co-Founder, David Eberhardt


What are some of the results you’ve seen with Spark Hire?


Spark Hire has dynamically changed who we are and what we do by giving us more of a national presence. Using video interviews, I can put someone through my screening process and get a taste of what your personality is and who you are. It’s been beneficial to my company because we are no longer bound by a full one hour interview. It speeds up our placement process as we’re able to gather enough of a profile of our candidates for our clients. This leaves our clients wanting to learn more.


What is the biggest impact video interviewing has had on the quality of your candidates?


Spark Hire does a couple of things that are very unique for us. The video interviews tell us that our candidates are comfortable with their appearance, it also gives the candidate some time invested in the process. So, if I have a resume on somebody and I call them and say look, would you like to go work for this steakhouse? And, they say yes, and I send them over there, they are no more invested than the pre screen interview I do over the phone, which takes about 30 minutes.

When I’ve given them some work to do, like participate in a video interview, they tend to be more serious about the opportunities I present them with. Now, they’ve got some time in too and we find that when candidates do the Spark Hire interview, are more vested in the process, and ultimately better candidates.


Why should other staffing and recruiting firms look into video interviewing?


Attached to each resume is a 30-40 second video interview of the candidate. This video showcases every candidate speaking about what they’re passionate about. It allows the clients that I work with to get a bigger sense of who they are over what their resume says.

It also allows me, sitting in Dallas, to be able to be just as effective in New York as I am here locally.


What are some things you love about Spark Hire?


Spark Hire has been a huge benefit for us going to restaurant companies nationally and saying you’re going to get a snapshot of who these people are, what their personality is and how they present themselves. Ultimately it leads to a pretty high conversion rate for us when it comes to submissions to hire.

We were onboard with Spark Hire when we first started the company, day 1. We’re still with Spark Hire, nothing will change.

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