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How DLP Realty Uses Spark Hire to Speed Up Their Interview Process

About DLP Realty

The focus of DLP Realty is to provide clients with the highest level of service through their innovative and client-centered team approach to selling homes. DLP Realty is one of the fastest growing real estate firms in the country.

Goals for Video Interviewing

DLP Realty wanted to make sure that every member of their team was on the same page when it came to interviewing and making decisions about their candidates. All parties needed to be able to see the video interviews and also have the ability to comment and share their reviews with the team.

Q&A with Human Resources Assistant, Kate Johnson


What are some of the results you’ve seen with Spark Hire?


Before we started using Spark Hire, the first step in our interview process was a phone screen. These phone screens were conducted by our HR and executive teams who have very busy schedules.

Now, instead of having to conduct a 45 minute phone screen with a candidate we know is not going to be a good fit, we have been able to speed up our hiring process using video interviewing.


How does video interviewing fit into your hiring process?


It has allowed us to completely eliminate the phone interview.

We used to keep track of each candidate in a spreadsheet. This involved passing around a number of files and using Google Sheets to record the team's feedback. Now, once we’ve reviewed a candidate's resume and decided to move forward with an interview, we send each candidate a link to complete a video interview.

Each member of the team has the ability to review and rate every interview we receive when it’s convenient for them. Even better, we now keep track of each candidate in one spot.


How do you get your team members to buy into video interviewing?


The proof was in the pudding. We simply showed everybody an example of a good interview and then a bad interview. The team was immediately able to see how easy it was to make decisions on candidates based on their submissions.

We also love that Spark Hire allows us to promote our brand from within the platform. As a real estate company, branding is what sets us apart over our competition. The fact that branding is provided for free was a real game changer in our eyes.


What is the biggest impact that video interviewing has on your hiring process?


It saves us so much time!

We have been tracking our hire rate since moving to Spark Hire and it has drastically increased. If you ask me, it is because we have been able to get rid of the inefficiencies that existed in our old hiring process.

I also attribute this success to the platform giving the team the flexibility to watch and review their interviews at any time, from any device.


Why should other real estate agencies look into video interviewing?


When you are hiring in real estate, you need to hire people that are determined and not afraid of a new challenge. Spark Hire gives candidates the ability to really prove themselves.

Our candidates now have the ability to sell themselves for a position when they participate in a video interview.


What are some things you love about Spark Hire?


We love how efficient it has made our hiring process, the control we have over our branding, and the customer support and sales teams!

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