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Case Study: FluentStream Technologies

How FluentStream Technologies Uses Spark Hire to Streamline their Startup Hiring

A Quick Overview

By using Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, FluentStream Technologies could widen their candidate pool yet spend less time focused on the hiring process. They could collaborate easier, connect personally, and find candidates who fit into the company culture.

Video To The Rescue

  • FluentStream Technologies has saved needed time in the hiring process by using Spark Hire’s one-way video interviews.
  • They’ve already hired three great employees and now use video interviewing for their entire recruiting process.
  • Being able to rate videos and share notes allows the whole team to collaborate easily.
  • Thanks to video interviewing, they can find outside-the-box candidates who will fit into the company culture.
Quote Mark

Video interviewing has had a very positive impact on not just saving us time in the process, but also allowing us to be more effective in making the right hiring decisions. Being a growing startup company, we can’t afford to make mistakes and hire a new employee that doesn’t work out for whatever reason.

- Josh Ellis, Director and Marketing and Customer Development at FluentStream Technologies

The Basics

FluentStream Technologies, a growing startup company in the telecommunications industry, provides cloud-based phone solutions for businesses. As a startup, hiring can often be inconsistent and time-intensive. In 2013, the company doubled their size, and they expect to continue hiring more talent.

The Challenge

As a small company, most of FluentStream Technologies’ employees wear many hats throughout the course of the average day. This can make for an exciting work environment with new challenges and opportunities to grow. It does not, however, make it a great environment to spend hours finding the right talent.

FluentStream Technologies found themselves in a catch-22: They were so busy they needed to hire more employees to help with the workload, but they just didn’t have time to devote to the traditional hiring process.

Their normal process of posting a job, culling through resumes, and interviewing several potential candidates wasn’t remotely time effective. They were wasting time they didn’t have in the hiring process, and maybe still missing out on the best people.

The Takeaway

Using Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, FluentStream Technologies was able to address the challenges of their traditional hiring approach in the following ways:

  • Saving Time. Using video interviews has allowed FluentStream Technologies to save precious time in the hiring process. Instead of spending painstaking hours carefully evaluating resumes because they didn’t want to waste time talking to the wrong people, they can now send out one-way video interview invitations. For a startup where every second counts, video interviewing saves the company time while still connecting with the right people.
  • Easier Collaboration. Being able to rate and add comments to video interviews eases the collaboration process, allowing everyone to have a say in expanding the team.
  • Reaching A Wider Candidate Pool. Thanks to video interviewing, FluentStream Technologies doesn’t have to be as picky about skills and qualifications on the resume level. This means opening up the candidate pool to talent who might not look as good on paper as they do in-person.
  • Evaluating For Company Culture Fit.
Quote Mark

We also focus on finding new employees that fit well with the company culture, and video interviewing makes this task a lot easier.

- Josh Ellis, Director and Marketing and Customer Development at FluentStream Technologies

The Results

FluentStream Technologies was able to cut down the hiring process and save some much needed time. The company has hired three new workers onto the team so far and plans to continue using video interviewing to make new hires. These new employees fit into the company culture, have the right skills, and are adding real value to the team. Thanks to Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, FluentStream Technologies can recruit the best people without wasting time on the hiring process.

Quote Mark

Our first new video interview hire was a knockout – super skilled, outgoing, and a good cultural fit with our company.

- Josh Ellis, Director and Marketing and Customer Development at FluentStream Technologies

FluentStream Technologies is a cloud-based phone solution for business. To find out more about FluentStream Technologies check out their website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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