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Case Study: Gusto

How Gusto Uses Spark Hire to Identify Cultural Fit and Make Better Hires

A Quick Overview

By using Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, Gusto was able to gain valuable candidate insights in order to make great hires that fit their company culture.

The Takeaway

  • Gusto was looking to hire for the holidays and received nearly 300 applications in just 1 week!
  • The company was able to send video interview invitations for their candidates to complete.
  • In just one week, they were able to screen, interview, and hire 4 great people for their sales team.
  • They plan to roll out video interviewing for other positions as well.
Quote Mark

It's great for positions where you have multiple openings and a pretty refined process.

- Erin Colbert, Marketing at Gusto

The Basics

Gusto was founded by three talented entrepreneurs who are best friends from Stanford University. The company is all about innovative technologies to enhance workflow, so it was natural for them to choose Spark Hire’s innovative video interviewing platform to help streamline their hiring efforts.

Quote Mark

Everyone was really on board and excited to try it out.

- Erin Colbert, Marketing at Gusto

The Challenge

During the holiday season, Gusto was looking to ramp up their sales team. When they received a huge response to their open positions (nearly 300 in just one week), they knew they needed a more efficient way to screen the ones that met the requirements.

Quote Mark

Spark Hire let us see the candidates in their own element and added some personality to a typically static resume.

- Erin Colbert, Marketing at Gusto

Video To The Rescue

Using Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, Gusto was able to address the challenges of their traditional hiring approach in the following ways:

  • Reach More Candidates. With Spark Hire’s open interview feature, Gusto was able to share their video interview invitations with candidates they wanted to pursue.
  • Connecting Personally. They were able to pick up on nonverbal cues, professionalism, and charisma that could have been missed with a simple resume.
  • Speed Up The Process. Gusto needed to screen each applicant before bringing them into the office. They were able to achieve this by reviewing the video interviews and collaborating internally.
  • Give Workplace Scenarios. In particular, Gusto used the video interviews to see how candidates would react to actual challenges they would face on-the-job.

The Results

Gusto invited 50 of the 300 applicants to complete a video interview via Spark Hire. Gusto was able to actually see their candidate’s personality and charisma come through via video interviewing in order to make better hiring decisions. They ultimately narrowed it down to 10-15 people to bring in for in-person interviews, and ended up hiring 4 great candidates! All within ONE WEEK!

Quote Mark

We couldn't have made these hires had it not been for the video interview process. It was so easy to get started with and we enjoyed using it.

- Erin Colbert, Marketing at Gusto

Gusto is a delightful payroll, built for the modern business. To find out more about Gusto check out their website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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