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Case Study: MeySen Academy

How MeySen Academy Uses Spark Hire to Eliminate Unqualified Candidates in the Hiring Process

A Quick Overview

By using Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, MeySen Academy was able to eliminate applicants that didn’t meet their minimum requirements, which saved them an extraordinary amount of time in their hiring process.

The Takeaway

  • Video interviewing is the first step in their hiring process after a candidate submits their online application.
  • Meysen Academy sent out 76 interviews to be completed for their open positions.
  • Saved time by evaluating several video interviews rather than wasting time (and money) having unqualified candidates come in for a face-to-face interview.
  • MeySen Academy used Spark Hire’s rating tools to organize which candidates would move on to the next phase of their hiring process.
  • They ended up hiring 13 applicants that met their requirements and fit into the company culture.

This system has helped us with eliminating applicants that don't meet our minimum requirements which has helped us reach the goal of eliminating wasted time that is spent on proceeding with a full interview.

- Melissa, HR Manager/Recruiter at MeySen Academy

The Basics

MeySen Academy has been a premier educational institution for about 50 years and offers education to two different groups of students. The company is always looking for qualified teachers to help guide their students in new, inspirational ways.

Everyone was really on board and excited to try it out.

- Melissa, HR Manager/Recruiter at MeySen Academy

The Challenge

As an educational institution, it is extremely important for MeySen Academy to hire great teachers and administrators. Video interviewing was the perfect way for them to see candidate characteristics to ensure they possess passion, creativity, joy, and understand both English and Japanese to enhance the children’s harmonious growth in mind and body.

I would send the link in an email to those who signed up and then a team of us would watch the videos and rate their answers.

- Melissa, HR Manager/Recruiter at MeySen Academy

Video To The Rescue

Using Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, MeySen Academy was able to address the challenges of their traditional hiring approach in the following ways:

  • Find Cultural Fit. MeySen Academy was able to find candidates that fit their culture by viewing them on video before inviting them in for a full face-to-face interview.
  • Save Time. By seamlessly including Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform into their hiring process, MeySen was able to complete 59 interviews is a short amount of time.
  • Eliminate Unqualified Candidates. Helped them eliminate applicants that didn’t meet their minimum requirements.

The Results

When MeySen Academy included video interviewing into their hiring process, they found great success as they completed 59 interviews with a 78% completion rate. They would collaborate and rate candidates internally, and would move along the applicants that scored 3 or more stars. They ended up hiring 13 great candidates after screening them via video interview and invited them to participate in face-to-face interviews.

Within a few minutes, we had an idea as to whether or not this applicant would be a cultural fit.

- Melissa, HR Manager/Recruiter at MeySen Academy

MeySen Academy aims to provide a quality education based on Christian principles in a warm Christian environment. To learn more, check out their website and connect with them on Facebook.

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