Case Study: Paymentology

How Paymentology Connects Global Hiring Teams with Spark Hire's ATS

About Paymentology

Paymentology is a financial technology company that provides innovative solutions to the payments industry. Founded in 2020, Paymentology has quickly become the go-to source for companies looking to revolutionize their payment processes and increase efficiency.

The team at Paymentology is comprised of seasoned professionals in the payments and technology fields who have a passion for developing cutting-edge solutions to help businesses succeed. With an agile approach to product development, Paymentology prides itself on staying ahead of trends and offering the most comprehensive and effective payment solutions available.

By working closely with clients to understand their unique needs, Paymentology is able to create custom-tailored payment solutions that work for any business model. In a similar way, the hiring team at Paymentology consistently strives for alignment across global teams to ensure customers’ needs are met with the highest standards.

How Paymentology Uses Spark Hire’s ATS

  • Paymentology previously relied on SmartRecruiters and TeamTailor before switching to Spark Hire’s ATS. However, these systems did not work for their specific workflow and managing scheduling across time zones.
  • Spark Hire’s ATS exponentially improved the candidate experience, especially in communication and scheduling. Candidates were less likely to miss interviews.
  • Spark Hire’s ATS provides Paymentology’s hiring team with more transparency in the hiring process for hiring managers. The task feature and notifications help provide clarity on where candidates are in the process. Hiring managers can see details in the ATS dashboard rather than having to ask recruiters for updates.
  • They spend a lot of time focused on the human element and building personal connections with candidates due to their high volume of hiring and internal stakeholders. Though their analytics usage is currently minimal, they plan to improve in this area.
  • They have not fully utilized Spark Hire’s AI features yet but plan to experiment more, starting with rewriting job descriptions. To save time, the AI could auto-generate 60-70% of the content.
  • Candidate ranking and natural language processing features will be especially helpful for their global hiring needs. The NLP can understand the meaning behind words rather than just matching keywords. This will help with global alignment since Paymentology fills roles across 60 countries and growing.
  • Since switching to Spark Hire’s ATS, the integration options, scheduling, and transparency have been the biggest wins. The partnerships with companies that integrate into Spark Hire also align well with their values.

The Challenge

Before switching to Spark Hire, the hiring team at Paymentology used two different applicant tracking systems (ATS). They found that their unique hiring requirements for scheduling and communicating with team members and candidates across multiple time zones were not compatible with their previous ATS, resulting in significant bottlenecks.

“There were quite a few things that we were hitting against at that time.” Nicole Le Maire, Head of Global Talent Acquisition

Scheduling conflicts, in particular, had a major impact on their candidate experience. Candidates would frequently miss interviews and communication was often dropped. So, their team searched for an ATS that streamlined scheduling and provided more flexibility for their complex workflows and collaboration needs.

“But I think the really big one for us was indeed the scheduling and time zone because we were struggling a lot with candidates not showing. The interviews showed up in the interviewers, time zone. In Paymentology, we have colleagues in 60 countries.” Sonia Tisu, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition

Implementing Spark Hire's ATS

Paymentology discovered Spark Hire’s flexible and intuitive ATS platform. They noticed improved buy-in with hiring managers almost immediately. Before implementing Spark Hire, hiring managers would have to manually check candidates’ progress in the hiring process. Tracking status and communication were limited, causing delays and disruptions.

Real-time notifications directly in hiring managers’ inboxes, in addition to seamless integration with Windows 365 and many other tools team members use every day, save Paymentology’s team time and ensure timely hiring tasks are not missed. Spark Hire’s scheduling and communication features improve collaboration across time zones and keep teams aligned worldwide.

Spark Hire ATS features used by Paymentology

  • Recruiting workflow management and automation 
  • Advanced candidate tracking 
  • Team collaboration tools 
  • Multi-user account permissions and admin roles 
  • Integration with multiple tools and applications
  • Real-time analytics and insights 

The Result

1. Improved visibility to streamline workflow enhances collaboration and communication

Spark Hire gives Paymentology’s hiring team greater visibility into the recruitment process. The tasks feature and notifications ensure that hiring managers always know exactly where their candidates are in the process. They don’t have to constantly ask recruiters for updates since the details are available directly in Spark Hire’s easy-to-use and flexible ATS dashboard.

“Comeet works better because for us it's very much – it's the phasing of like – this is now your part. This is your part. Now it goes over to this. And then it goes over to this. A lot of the ATS don't have that.” Nicole Le Maire, Head of Global Talent Acquisition

2.  Ease of use ensures everyone can effectively and efficiently contribute

Paymentology sets all hiring stakeholders up for success by training team members on how to use the platform. This ensures that everyone, from hiring managers to the C-suite, can contribute effectively and efficiently to meeting hiring goals.

“Generally speaking, our hiring managers are quite in control. Like they are involved in everything that's happening. They're also quite curious. They want to know everything where things are at.” Sonia Tisu, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition

3. More time spent building meaningful connections means improved candidate experience

Additionally, the candidate experience was vastly improved, particularly in the areas of communication and scheduling. This ensures hiring managers spend time making meaningful connections with top talent rather than rescheduling interviews.

Due to their high volume of hiring on a global scale and numerous internal stakeholders, they prioritize the human element and create strong relationships with candidates. While analytics usage is currently limited, they are committed to developing this area and are excited about the flexibility Comeet offers for their dynamic hiring needs.

“Comeet goes its own route. It kind of goes in its own direction and doesn't become a copy of any of the other ATS. And I think that's what's really important.” Nicole Le Maire, Head of Global Talent Acquisition


In conclusion, implementing Spark Hire ATS within Paymentology’s hiring processes has streamlined workflow and fostered stronger connections among its distributed hiring team. By leveraging this innovative hiring platform, Paymentology has effectively optimized its recruitment strategy, enhanced collaboration, and propelled its talent acquisition efforts to new heights. As the company continues to evolve in a dynamic market, the utilization of Spark Hire ATS stands as a testament to its commitment to efficiency, cohesion, and continued success in building a talented workforce.

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