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Case Study: PGA TOUR

How PGA TOUR Uses Spark Hire To Interact With Summer Internship Candidates


The PGA TOUR is the world's foremost golf tour and the home of some of the world's top golfers. They are a membership organization of professional golfers. The aim of the PGA TOUR is to expand the game of golf and opportunities for players domestically and internationally, while upholding the integrity of the game.

Goals for Video Interviewing

PGA TOUR was looking for a fun and unique way to interact with potential candidates for their summer internship program. They use one-way video interviews to screen potential candidates in an effort to learn more about them before inviting them to participate in an in-person interview.

Q&A with Recruiter, JP Darbouze


What are some of the results you’ve seen with Spark Hire?


Before we started using video interviewing, the team was conducting phone interviews with each and every candidate. For our summer internship program, we had 200+ candidates. We invited these candidates to a one-way video interview on Spark Hire and ended up hiring 22 interns for the summer from the process.

By implementing Spark Hire into our hiring process, not only did we save countless hours, but also thousands of dollars in travel costs.

This was also the second video interviewing platform we tried out. Previous to Spark Hire, we used a different platform. We ended up replacing it with Spark Hire because we only do seasonal hiring.


How did you get your team members to buy into video interviewing?


The biggest selling point for the team was simply seeing how much time and money we could be saving. We started talking about how costly it was for us to fly in so many potential candidates without ever meeting them first.

That alone was enough for us to give video interviewing a try.


What is the biggest impact that video interviewing has on your hiring process?


Taking the anonymity out of the phone interview has been pretty huge for us. By video interviewing all of our candidates, we are now able to properly vet them. Not only does it allow us to put a face with a name on our end, but it also allows every candidate the ability to get familiar with our team as well.

As we previously mentioned, we’ve really been able to Improve our screening efficiency by adding video interviewing to our hiring process.


Why should other companies look into video interviewing?


It’s honestly a no brainer. Every organization's HR team is always trying to save time and money. Speeding up your interview process is the easiest and most effective way to do this.

We initially looked into video interviewing because we wanted a one-way video interviewing platform so we could get in contact with a large amount of candidates. I’d assume there are so many other people out there trying to accomplish the same thing.


What is your favorite aspect of video interviewing?


I really love Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform because of it’s ease of use. The user interface is just so user friendly and there is also a tag functionality that helps the team sort through all of the candidates we have in our database.

The other thing I love about video interviewing is the face to face interaction with candidates. You don’t realize how beneficial it is to see every candidate until you have the ability to see them at every step of the process.


What are three words that describe your experience working with Spark Hire?


Easy, Effective, Flexible

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