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Case Study: SurveyLocal

How SurveyLocal Uses Spark Hire to Screen a Large Volume of Job Applicants in the Hiring Process

A Quick Overview

By using Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, SurveyLocal was able to screen over 200 applicants. After using several other video interviewing platforms, they found success with Spark Hire’s easy-to-use One-Way Video Interviewing product.

The Takeaway

  • SurveyLocal used Spark Hire’s video interview solutions to pre-screen applicants.
  • Saved money and resources while taking achieving great ROI.
  • They were able to hire the perfect candidate that fit their company culture.
  • The company plans on using Spark Hire for all future hires.

The Basics

SurveyLocal is a simple, inexpensive tool to alleviate many problems local business owners face with modern marketing. After a huge response to an open Office Admin position, SurveyLocal started utilizing video interviewing to screen candidates in order to save time.

As a technology-based business, SurveyLocal wanted and innovative and efficient way to screen their applicants. They were able to pick up on candidate insights via video that they could have missed out on with traditional hiring process. Plus, to screen the large amount of applicants they received, traditional phone calls would have taken 3-5 times longer.

Quote Mark

It was the best fit for our company and we plan on using it for all future hires.

- Chad Williams, Owner of SurveyLocal

The Challenge

Screening a large amount of candidates can be time consuming and costly. Compared to other video interviewing platforms, Spark Hire was able to provide SurveyLocal the tools they needed in order to speed up their process and make a great hire for their open position.

Quote Mark

Having used other video interview tools I like how flexible Spark Hire is with the product tiers and price points.

- Chad Williams, Owner of SurveyLocal

Video To The Rescue

Using Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, SurveyLocal was able to address the challenges of their traditional hiring approach in the following ways:

  • Speed Up Screening Process. By speeding up their hiring process, SurveyLocal was able to spend more time on helping their clients with their marketing needs.
  • Saving Money. With Spark Hire’s transparent pricing structure, SurveyLocal didn’t have to worry about paying for features they didn't need. And with plans starting at just $149/month, it didn't cost them an arm and a leg to get rolling.

The Results

In just 18 days, SurveyLocal was able to streamline their traditional screening process with an easy way to review responses. By taking the cost of the service and time of reviewing responses compared to the time cost of placing phone calls, SurveyLocal was impressed by their ROI when working with Spark Hire.

Quote Mark

The ROI for video interviewing at your price point was around 200%.

- Chad Williams, Owner of SurveyLocal

SurveyLocal provides the software, incentives, experience, and support to easily collect large amounts of business feedback from customers. To learn more about SurveyLocal, check out their website.

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