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Case Study: Teamwork

How Teamwork Uses Spark Hire’s ATS Candidate Voice Feature to Gain Multi-Dimensional Insights

About Teamwork

Teamwork is a dynamic and growing software company that provides comprehensive project management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Founded in 2007, Teamwork’s mission is to help businesses increase collaboration, productivity, and efficiency. With a suite of powerful online tools, Teamwork helps teams plan tasks, assign tasks to team members, track progress, visualize workflows, share files, and communicate with each other in real-time.

Teamwork’s core values are transparency, collaboration, and trust, which are reflected in the platform’s feature set and design and in the way Teamwork interacts with its customers, employees, and candidates.

All of Teamwork’s products have been designed with ease of use in mind, ensuring users can get up and running quickly and start collaborating right away. Flexibility and clear communication between team members are at the core of Teamwork’s software design, so it’s not surprising that the hiring team at Teamwork expects this standard when recruiting solutions.

How Teamwork Uses Spark Hire’s Candidate Voice Feature

  • They previously used Glassdoor and internal metrics to gauge candidate experience but lacked consolidated, in-depth data.
  • They found Candidate Voice and chose it for its ability to provide multi-dimensional insights.
  • The data allows them to see scores for roles, locations, and teams—not just individuals. This helps avoid personalizing the feedback.
  • They used the data to intervene with their team and recruiters, building it into their hiring playbook. For example, they reconfigured teams and provided training based on the low scores of two new hires.
  • The data revealed where collaboration was working well and where it was lacking, providing valuable insight into team dynamics.
  • Candidates who were rejected tended to provide more negative feedback, as expected. However, these insights can reveal areas for improvement in the recruitment process.

The Challenges

Teamwork found that their internal metrics and feedback from Glassdoor did not provide the deep insight they desired into candidate experience. While they had a high success rate with their top hires and could pull in feedback on the overall experience with the hiring process, the data lacked depth and the voice of the candidate that could inform valuable improvements in the recruitment and hiring process.

Implementing Spark Hire's ATS

The team was introduced to Spark Hire’s ATS, and the benefits of the Candidate Voice feature were immediately recognized. Candidate Voice allows Teamwork to track and measure the communication between hiring team members and candidates. This provides a deeper level of insight into what may affect the candidate experience beyond basic exit and onboarding survey responses.

For example, the feature provides stakeholders with insights about the candidates, such as how long they respond and what kind of language they use. This helps identify any gaps in communication or areas where they could improve their candidate experience. 

The data also clearly indicates where collaboration is successful and may fall short, providing invaluable insight into team communication and dynamics.

Spark Hire ATS features used by Teamwork 

  • Candidate Voice


The data Teamwork collects from Spark Hire’s Candidate Voice feature provides information on individual performance and scores for roles, locations, and teams. The data unveiled by Spark Hire’s Candidate Voice feature not only shed light on areas where collaboration thrived within Teamwork but also pinpointed its shortcomings, offering invaluable insights into the intricate dynamics of the teams. This allows them to gain a more holistic view of the feedback and use it to inform interventions with their team and recruiters.

They use the data to update hiring playbooks and provide additional training.
The granular analysis allows Teamwork to identify specific instances where seamless cooperation propels projects forward and areas where communication breakdowns hinder progress. Armed with this knowledge, Teamwork is empowered to implement targeted strategies to foster a culture of collaboration, enhance teamwork effectiveness, and ultimately drive organizational success.

The feature also enables hiring managers to customize automated messages that are sent to applicants, helping streamline the recruitment process.


At Teamwork, the implementation of Spark Hire’s Candidate Voice feature has revolutionized its approach to optimizing the use of candidate feedback to enhance the end-to-end recruitment cycle. By leveraging this innovative tool, they are able to gather valuable insights directly from candidates, allowing them to analyze data and understand candidates’ experiences on a deeper level.

Candidate Voice enables Teamwork to precisely identify areas for improvement, guiding them to make quantifiable enhancements to its candidate experience. Through this process, Teamwork prioritizes transparency and communication and ensures that every candidate interaction is optimized to reflect their commitment to excellence.

With Spark Hire ATS Candidate Voice, Teamwork continues to refine its recruitment process, fostering a positive experience for candidates while driving their overall hiring success.

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