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Case Study: The Altara Group

How The Altara Group Used Spark Hire To Make 1,500 Candidate Placements

About The Altara Group

Altara Resources provides quality recruitment, executive placement, employment and people management services and advice. They assist their clients to maximize their productivity and profitability by sourcing and screening the best candidates.

Goals for Video Interviewing

The Altara Group was looking for a solution that would help their team save time and resources. They receive 15,000 applications a year and were looking for a way to eliminate phone screenings from their recruiting process.

It was important that they find a tool that allowed candidates to complete their initial screenings on their own time, from wherever they are located.

Q&A with Recruitment Coordinator, Ray Isaac


What are some of the results you’ve seen with Spark Hire?


Using Spark Hire, we have made over 1,500 candidate placements. Video interviewing, was integral to helping us improve our submit to hire ratio by 80% while also increasing our placement speed by 50%. We quickly noticed that we were not only placing candidates in a fraction of the time, but also that we were making more money on every candidate we placed.

Because of the amount of time we are saving, we are now able to push resources to other areas of our business. This has helped make our business much more profitable.


How does video interviewing fit into your recruiting process?


We use Spark Hire interviews as a secondary screening process prior to a face to face interview.

Before we started using video interviews, not only was it difficult to connect with each candidate, but the screening process sometimes involved multiple phone calls. Adding Spark Hire to our interview process has allowed us to better screen our candidates. This has helped us feel more confident about which candidates we are spending our time with and ultimately submitting to our clients.


How did you get your team members and clients to buy into video interviewing?


It wasn’t very difficult for us to sell the rest of the team on Spark Hire. The ease of use was immediately evident to them so it was easy for them to imagine how much time they would be saving on each of their candidate placements.

Once we told them how much the platform was going to cost us, it just solidified our decision.


Why should other staffing and recruiting firms look into video interviewing?


Spark Hire gives your candidates a more comfortable introduction to the company, without pressuring them into making quick answers on the spot. Once you’ve taken the pressure off of your candidates, they relax and open up more.

In the end, you truly end up getting a better understanding of who they are.


What is your favorite aspect of video interviewing?


Honestly, it is really the time we are saving. If you have a good candidate profile, you can make quick decisions. Having the ability to screen multiple candidates, in a short time frame, has really contributed to us making placements in a fraction of the time.


What are some things you love about Spark Hire?


The ease of use and mobile compatibility are definitely the first two things that stand out to me. Having the ability to screening candidates when you’re on the road has helped us waste less time and also improved our work/life balance. Our recruiters don’t head to the office dreading the workload that awaits them anymore.

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