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Case Study: Tulpehocken Area School District

How Tulpehocken Area School District Uses Spark Hire to Connect Personally with Candidates and Hire the Best People

A Quick Overview

By using Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, Tulpehocken Area School District can efficiently decide which candidates will be chosen to work alongside their nearly 300 staff members to educate the 1450 students they serve.

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Using Spark Hire has made a huge difference in our hiring process.

– Ed Albert, Superintendent at Tulpehocken Area School District

The Takeaway

  • Tulpehocken Area School District has a committee that selects applicants by reviewing resumes.
  • They interview a selected number of those candidates using Spark Hire’s video interviewing solutions.
  • Staff members review the candidates and move forward with the ones who are a good fit.
  • Use the platform to conduct mock career and college interviews with students.
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The interview process allows for the shareholders to have more of a say in the interview process.

– Ed Albert, Superintendent at Tulpehocken Area School District

The Basics

Once the hiring committee has reviewed their applicant’s resumes, they are moved onto the next step in their hiring process; video interviewing. From there, with Spark Hire the staff members are able to review, make comments, and rate candidates which makes the interview process more transparent. By utilizing Spark Hire, they gain more candidate insight early on in their process to make better hiring decisions as a team.

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Our favorite thing about Spark Hire is you can watch an interview over, and over again.

– Ed Albert, Superintendent at Tulpehocken Area School District

The Challenge

Educational hires are one of the most important hires a district can make, so using a tool like video interviewing is a no brainer. The future of their students relies on a great staff, which is why Tulpehocken Area School District uses Spark Hire to better screen their applicants.

Video To The Rescue

Using Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, Tulpehocken Area School District is able to address the challenges of their traditional hiring approach in the following ways:

  • Review Videos Over and Over. To enhance team collaboration, Tulpehocken Area School District shares and reviews candidates with their staff in order to come to a unified hiring decision.
  • Connect Personally. In the education industry, it is important your hires meet the standards of your mission. By connecting personally via video interviews, Tulpehocken Area School District can actually “hear” what is not said on their resumes.
  • Prepare Students for Interviews. A unique thing Tulpehocken Area School District does with Spark Hire is they also use the platform to prepare students for career and college interviews. This is a great way for students to practice their interviewing skills and to get direct feedback from their teachers.
  • Hire The Best Candidates. By enhancing their hiring process with video interviewing, they are able to gain important insights on each applicant and reduce hiring errors.
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It is just another layer of the interview process to make sure we get the best person.

– Ed Albert, Superintendent at Tulpehocken Area School District

The Results

Tulpehocken Area School District prides itself on being at the forefront of instituting exciting new educational programs and innovative initiatives to both their staff and students. It’s no wonder they choose Spark Hire’s innovative video interviewing solutions to hire the perfect candidates for open positions within their district.

So far, Tulpehocken Area School District has completed 166 interviews and hired 12 individuals using Spark Hire. They use video interviewing solutions to fill positions including: administrators, teachers, secretaries, custodians, and even use it for their 12th grade English classes for interviewing enhancement!

Tulpehocken Area School District serves three different schools in northwestern Berks County, Pennsylvania. To learn more, check out their website and connect with them on Facebook.

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