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Case Study: University of Pennsylvania

How University of Pennsylvania Uses Spark Hire To Get Rid Of Phone Screens

About University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is one of the oldest universities in America and one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the world. The University of Pennsylvania has a long and proud tradition of intellectual rigor and pursuit of innovative knowledge.

Goals for Video Interviewing

The University of Pennsylvania wanted a way to speed up their recruiting process and also cut costs. It was important to them that they maintained their level of compliance and they needed a tool that would help them do so easily.

Q&A with Senior Executive Recruiter, Nicole Torsella Harris


What are some of the results you’ve seen with Spark Hire?


Spark Hire has really helped our team cut down on the amount of time we spend screening candidates. We were actually able to remove phone screens entirely from our interview process. This has been a major efficiency gain for us as we all know how much time phone screens take.


How does video interviewing fit into your hiring process?


Our hiring process includes a lot of collaboration.

We use video interviewing in our central recruitment office at the request of our hiring managers. As a best practice, we always recommend that the hiring manager uses Spark Hire to replace their phone screen at the very least.


How do you get your team members to buy into video interviewing?


During our buying process, we looked at some other solutions. However, when we compared the pricing and capabilities, choosing Spark Hire was a no brainer. Because the solution is so inexpensive, and does not require a contract, we just decided to give it a try.

Three years later, we are still happy we did!


Why should other universities look into video interviewing?


Spark Hire helped us create a more compliant interview process. We are able to ask every candidate the same questions. This has helped us ensure that we are being consistent with each and every one of our interviews.

Also, having the ability to see and hear each candidate on screen has helped us speed up our hiring process. Not having to translate each individual resume has enabled us to not only save money, but it has also helped us save countless hours.


What is your favorite aspect of video interviewing?


The fact that we were able to eliminate the phone screen has really been a game changer for my team!


What are some things you love about Spark Hire?


It’s really just very simple to use.

While our old process wasn’t terrible, Spark Hire really helped us streamline it. Having the ability to easily access all of our past interviews makes our interview process much more repeatable when we need to hire for a new role. We also really love that we can use the same questions and maintain consistency.

Further, we definitely would not have been able to change our process so drastically without the help of the Spark Hire customer success team. They have always been super responsive. Without them, we wouldn't be using video interviews nearly as effectively. Their insight on best practices and strategies have been critical to our success.

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