Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Education Industry Recruitment With Video Interviews

Looking to hire someone great for your school’s teaching positions or administrative jobs? Finding the right candidates to turn today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders is certainly a challenge. In the education industry it’s imperative to find and hire the right people.

Unlike buying school supplies for a classroom, finding the best person for your open teaching positions isn’t as easy as a trip to the store. In fact, the right teachers can be tough to find, and once you’ve nabbed a superstar it can be even harder to retain your teaching talent.

The video interview can be the perfect solution to your hiring needs. Utilizing the power of online video, you can connect personally with the best and brightest and nab the top teaching talent before your competition.

Before we talk more about how the video interview is helping employers hire the very best administrative professionals and teaching superstars, let’s first look at some of the current recruitment challenges facing the education industry.

Education Industry Recruitment Challenges

The education industry is doing well, but this might actually present a problem for employers looking to find the best teachers and administrative professionals for their open positions.

  • Good News First: The Recruitment Forecast Is Sunny. Hiring in the education industry is looking like bright skies ahead. Hiring in public schools is expected to increase 12 percent between now and 2020. Additionally, positions for administrative professionals are expected to grow by 12 percent between now and 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is on par for the overall growth in hiring trends expected across all industries.
  • An Over-Saturated Employment Market For Teaching Positions. The good news is there are more new teachers than ever to fill your open teaching positions. Unfortunately many of these new teachers are looking for the same types of jobs. Every year the U.S. has twice as many K-5 elementary school teachers, flooding the market with talent. For instance, Illinois trained 10 elementary school teachers for every one position available.
  • The Skills Gap.. Yet even with the teaching marketplace flooded with talent, employers are finding it hard to hire for the specific skill sets needed. Despite the jump in elementary school teachers, employers are finding it tough to find teachers to cover STEM subjects and work in special education.
  • The Employee Turnover Problem. Once you’ve hired the top teaching talent for your open positions, you might be patting yourself on the back for a job well done. Don’t get too complacent! Employee turnover is a huge problem for teaching positions. According to the National Education Association approximately 50 percent of currently employed teachers will retire or leave the profession in the next five to seven years. And new teachers are also a flight risk: employee turnover for new teachers is just about 50 percent in the first five years.

How Can The Video Interview Help?

So how can you navigate the flooded marketplace, jump the skills gap, and hire teachers who will stick around for the long-haul? The video interview is here to help your recruitment needs!

Separating The Best From The Rest

Using the video interview, you can connect in a more personal fashion with great administrative professionals and smart teachers. Not only can you connect more personally, you can also cut out some of the middle steps in the recruitment process.

For instance, one-way video interviews can help you avoid time-consuming and inefficient phone screens. In a one-way video interview, candidates answer written questions from employers on video. This allows you to get a personal feel for the candidate, but spend less time talking to people who are all wrong for the job.

Whether you’re hiring administrative professionals or great teachers, one-way video interviews allow you to hone your focus on only the best candidates. This can help you jump the skills gap by ensuring you don’t waste your time on people who are all wrong for the job.

Reducing Employee Turnover With Personal Connections

As we’ve seen, employee turnover is a big problem in the education industry. It is also a costly problem, with 2007 estimates putting the price tag of employee turnover at $7 billion a year.

During the recruitment process, you need to focus on hiring candidates who can easily fit into your educational institution. This means being very honest about the culture of your workplace and asking candidates cultural fit questions to make sure they would enjoy coming to work every morning.

By using video interviews, you’re able to connect personally with candidates faster than in the traditional process, meaning you can quickly move on if a candidate is great on paper but seems like a poor fit on video.

Video interviews are a great way to connect personally with candidates, whether you’re looking to hire a fantastic teacher or you’re searching for top-notch administrative professionals for your educational environment. Video interviews help jump the skills gap and avoid costly employee turnover, while still nabbing you the best education industry talent.

How can video interviewing benefit you?

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