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Eliminate phone interviews

Tired of spending 30 minutes on the phone with a candidate you knew was wrong for the position in the first 90 seconds? Utilize our one-way video interview feature to review your candidates at your convenience. If you don’t like a candidate, move on to the next one.

Gain more insight on candidates earlier on

How many times have you found yourself investing time and effort into the wrong candidates late in the hiring process? Probably too many. Leverage video interviews to quickly gain insight on your candidates before you advance them to the next step of your hiring process.

Screen candidates 10 times faster

Spark Hire customers report that they complete 100-200 video interviews in the time it used to take them to get through 10 phone interviews.

Cut travel costs associated with hiring

Recruiting non-local candidates? Studies have shown video interviewing reduces the travel costs associated with hiring by 67%. Interview your candidates on video before you invest money into flying them out.

Reduce interview scheduling conflicts

Candidates complete their one-way video interviews on their own time while live video interviews enable you to connect at any time from any location. Remember, a convenient candidate experience is a positive one.

Never have a bad interview again

A lot of effort goes into an in-person interview. Scheduling, administrative work, a chunk of time out of your day, and more. Save your in-person interview effort for the best candidates by weeding out those unfit for the job earlier in the process.

Improve hiring collaboration and get decisions validated

Share interview recordings with anyone involved in the hiring process. Get team members’ opinions and validate the decision to advance a candidate to the next step.

Enhance interview documentation with recorded interviews

Record and store all of your interviews for documentation purposes. Not only can you easily look up a candidate’s answer to an interview question, but you can also review and improve your hiring team’s interviewing skills.

Evaluate company culture fit

When candidates possess similar skill sets and experiences, company culture fit is a huge factor in the hiring process. Give candidates the ability to showcase their personality and determine if they’d be a fit within your company culture.

Review interviews at your convenience

There’s only so much time in a standard work day and it can be difficult to schedule blocks of time to evaluate candidates. With all interviews being recorded on Spark Hire, your entire team can review interviews when their schedules permit.

2,000+ companies use Spark Hire’s video interview solutions


Brad Wilkins, Director of Talent Management and HR Services

Adcap Network Systems

"When it came to solving the problem of how do I screen one thousand plus resumes that all look exactly the same, I could never imagine how easy it was to go through Spark Hire’s process, to use their software, to be able to have all of those candidates evaluated. A thousand candidates took me about the time it takes me to interview a hundred candidates.
 There are very few products that I would be comfortable sitting and talking on video and endorsing fully without any caveats and Spark Hire is one of them. Spark Hire to me is one of the simplest, most financially affordable, ROI-driven essential tools to any recruitment strategy that I’ve ever experienced. I can’t imagine running my business without Spark Hire today."

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