Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The Effectiveness Of Video Interviews

What is the benefit in using online video interviewing? There are many reasons why a virtual interview can streamline the hiring process. We all know the traditional hiring process can sometimes be a headache. Video interviewing helps to clear away some of the clutter in the process, making your overall recruitment efforts more effective.

The Way Things Are Done Now

Before we talk about how to improve hiring efficiency through the use of video interviews, let’s first take a peek behind the hiring curtain. The way things are currently done in the recruitment process leads companies and recruiters to bleed valuable time and money.

The two largest money pits in the hiring process are time and travel. Depending on the job and the candidate, some companies are willing to fly top talent out for an interview. This can lead to big time costs, with no guarantee the candidate will turn into an employee.

Travel isn’t the only part of the traditional process depleting your accounts. Recruiters and hiring managers spend plenty of precious time trying to find the best people for the job. The average recruiter spends about 15 hours per week sourcing for candidates. Once candidates are found, preliminary phone interviews generally take an average of 30 minutes each. After all this hard work and time spent, the average job still takes around 45 days to fill.

Get More Effective With Video Interviews

Online interviews can help you cut down on the traditional hiring process and save your company time and money. How does online interviewing help? For one thing, it streamlines the hiring process.

For instance, the average preliminary phone interview takes an average of 30 minutes. This is time wasted if recruiters realize a candidate won’t work out early on. This is where One-Way Interviews can really shine for employers. Employers can watch candidates answer their tough questions wherever and whenever they want. Realize a candidate isn’t right for the position early on? Now you’re not trapped on the phone. This is one of the main reasons many recruiters are adopting video interviews.

Live video interviewing is great for far-flung and passive candidates. Now you can save 100 percent of your travel costs by just booting up your webcam. Plus, scheduling interviews with passive candidates can often be difficult. While you want the best candidates in front of you, they’re often times busy too if they’re currently employed. Now both hiring managers and candidates can schedule a bonafide face-to-face interview without endless back and forth on scheduling.

Video interviews are effective in the hiring process because they build a better bridge between weeding out resumes and meeting the candidate of your dreams.

Creative Hiring for Creative Hires

Let’s be honest, we’re living in a digital age. Consumers turn to the Web for everything from advice and entertainment to books and products. There is really nothing you can’t find online. So why shouldn’t hiring decamp to the digital space as well?

Using online video interviewing shows potential hires your company understands the online marketplace. If you embrace emerging technology and new ways of approaching the hiring process, you’ll attract talent with similar values. Embracing change is the way for all companies to attract the top talent they need to grow and develop.

How can video interviewing benefit you?

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