Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Healthcare Staffing Solutions: How Video Interviews Can Help

Hiring in the healthcare industry is ramping up, but finding and keeping great employees is far more difficult. While healthcare staffing solutions are always needed, new healthcare industry regulations will lead to a need for more qualified, talented workers.

But how do organizations find this talent? And how do you ensure once you’ve found the best people they’ll also stick around?

The video interview might just be the perfect healthcare staffing solution. Using video interviews, employers can connect personally faster with the best and most highly skilled people.

Before diving into how the video interview is helping employers find the best people in the healthcare industry, let’s first look at some of the problems facing employers looking to hire the best medical staff.

Today’s Healthcare Staffing Problems

  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) combined with an aging baby boomer generation will likely result in a need for additional healthcare staffing in a wide swatch of medical fields–which explains why 22 percent of healthcare industry employers are looking to add full-time, permanent healthcare employees to the payroll.
  • Bad news awaits these employers when it comes to their healthcare staffing needs: 23 percent of employers have open healthcare jobs they just cannot fill, because the skilled candidates they need cannot be found.
  • For healthcare workers already employed, 75 percent do not believe their salaries reflect their worth to the company, which explains why 34 percent of those surveyed will be looking for greener pastures in the healthcare industry. This means costly employee turnover for their current employers.

The Video Interview: A Healthcare Staffing Solution

With the healthcare industry expanding, how do employers ensure they jump the skills gap, avoid employee turnover, and find the best people? Perhaps the video interview can help!

Whether your organization is looking to hire medical staff or fill your open hospital jobs, the video interview might just be the solution to your healthcare hiring woes. Here’s how:

An Employee Turnover Solution

Employee turnover is a big problem, as we’ve seen, for those in the healthcare field. While some healthcare workers have focused on salary demands, the truth is some of this turnover has nothing to do with the amount of zeros at the end of a paycheck. Often, turnover results from poor organizational fit. Using the video interview, healthcare industry employers can connect personally with talented candidates faster than in the traditional process.

For instance, a one-way video interview where candidates answer employer’s written questions on camera allows you to focus on only the candidates most likely to fit into the company culture. Instead of wasting hours on time-consuming phone screens and initial interviews with the wrong people, healthcare employers can instead focus on hiring enthusiastic candidates more likely to stick around.

Finding Skilled Medical Staff Faster

A big problem facing the healthcare industry is the skills gap. Employers need to find medical staff with the right skills and qualifications for open healthcare and hospital jobs. The problem? Despite high unemployment, finding the right candidates with the skills and experience necessary for the job is still a challenge.

This is where video interviews come into play. Using one-way video interviews, healthcare employers can weed through candidates much faster, while still getting a personal feel for the applicants. This will allow you to choose only the most qualified candidates to move on to a live video interview or in-person meeting.

Removing Great Distances

Another way video interviews are bridging the skills gap is by removing the great distances which can sometimes separate employers from the talented candidates they need in their medical and hospital jobs.

Thanks to the power of video interviewing, it’s now a snap to connect with smart medical candidates looking for great hospital jobs. With many job seekers more willing than ever to pick up and move for the right opportunity, video interviews are ensuring geographical distance is no longer a deterrent to hiring the best and brightest

The healthcare industry is booming, which means employers need to nab the best people faster. By helping to reduce employee turnover and focus on the best candidates faster, video interviews just might be the best healthcare staffing solution for smart, tech-savvy companies.

How can video interviewing benefit you?

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