Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Presenting Your Best Self in Video Interviews: Modern Tips for Success

In today’s competitive job market, acing a video interview is essential to advance in the early screening process. The effort you put into your interview appearance is a key factor that can signal your level of professionalism and interest in the role, as well as reveal soft skills like attention to detail and even communicate culture fit. A healthy level of vanity, when it comes to video interviews, is a valuable asset.

With the increasing popularity of one-way video interviews, you’ll probably encounter video assessments as an introduction to the hiring process for job interviews moving forward. For the most part, preparing for a one-way or live video interview is not different from looking your best for an in-person interview.

While you may not have to worry about footwear and the fragrance you wear during your video interview, there are a few nuances that you should consider when preparing to participate in a video interview.  

Key Tips for Video Interview Preparation

  • Optimal Lighting Setup: Ensure the light is facing you, not behind you. Two lamps on either side of your face create a flattering, well-lit appearance on camera if you don’t have access to a high-quality ring light or webcam that can adjust for lighting conditions automatically. Natural lighting is also a great option as long as it’s not harsh or blinding you during the interview.

  • Centralized Positioning: Position yourself at the center of the webcam, allowing your head, neck, and shoulders to be clearly visible. Maintain good posture throughout your interview to convey professionalism and interest in the position. Remember to look into the camera when speaking as much as possible.

  • Thoughtful Attire Selection: Dress as you would for an in-person meeting with an employer. Preparation should include researching the company to select an outfit that aligns with the company culture. Choose well-fitting, appropriate attire, even if you’re seated throughout the interview. A complete interview outfit helps maintain the right mindset for success.

Common Video Interview Preparation Questions

What colors are best to wear in a video interview?

Color choices in a video interview matter.

You may want to avoid brightly-colored clothing and busy or high-contrast prints, as they can appear too bright on camera. Similarly, white is a common default but can cause web cameras to adjust lighting for brightness and could make your face and surroundings appear dark. It’s always safe to opt for dark and neutral colors like black, brown, and grey or jewel tones, and stick to solid patterns for a polished look.

What is the best jewelry to wear in a virtual job interview?

Jewelry selection can be an asset or a distraction.

Keep it simple and avoid overly shiny pieces that could catch the light and reflect harshly into your camera. A good general rule of thumb is you want to ensure that you accessorize in a way that reflects your style and personality without creating unnecessary hazards (very large dangling earrings) or distractions.

What are the best practices for wearing facial hair or makeup during an interview?

Personal grooming and makeup speak volumes in interviews.

Remember, a video interview is no less formal than an in-person meeting. Your appearance should be clean and tidy even if the expectation is your attire can be more casual. Research the brand for a better understanding of how employees are expected to present themselves and try to mirror that standard.

You can always play it safe by being slightly more professional and/or modest with your appearance. Most importantly, consider what your appearance reveals about your personal brand and how you would represent the company’s brand. 

As you prepare for your next video interview, keep these updated standards in mind to create a professional and positive impression. Your appearance is a crucial aspect of showcasing your readiness for the role. 

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