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Case Study: Crawford Thomas Recruiting

How Crawford Thomas Recruiting Uses Spark Hire To Identify Top Candidates For Their Clients

About Crawford Thomas

Crawford Thomas Recruiting is a full-service Executive Staffing Agency with a global reach that focuses on a variety of industries including Sales Recruitment, Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical, Legal and Executive Management.

Goals for Video Interviewing

Crawford Thomas Recruiting was seeking a way to improve the standard interview process and reduce unnecessary in-person interviews. They wanted a platform that they could use both internally and for their clients.

In addition, Crawford Thomas Recruiting has multiple offices and they needed a way to support offices that couldn’t interview certain candidates in person because of geographical barriers.

Q&A with Director of Permanent Placement, Steven Branstetter


What are some of the results you’ve seen with Spark Hire?


Using Spark Hire, we now have the ability to identify better quality candidates and candidates that are committed to the job they are applying for. We’ve never had a problem with the quantity of candidates, but we were struggling with selecting which candidates to advance in the process. Because of Spark Hire, we’re able to interview more candidates remotely, rather than the more ‘time-consuming’ in-person interview.


How does video interviewing fit into your recruiting process?


The video interview is a great addition to our recruitment cycle. After a short phone screen has been conducted, the Spark Hire video interview is the first ‘real’ step in our interviewing process. It gauges candidates' interest and shows us how much research they have done on our company. Oftentimes, we’ll reference a candidate’s video interview when making a final decision to bring him or her on board.


How did you get your team members and clients to buy into video interviewing?


Most of our clients were already conducting Skype interviews so Spark Hire was a way for us to kick it up a notch. Spark Hire was seen by our clients as a more professional video interviewing platform, with branded features and nothing to download. Our recruitment team is tasked, daily, with presenting new, qualified candidates to our clients. Spark Hire interviews allow our candidates the advantage of showcasing their presentation skills, beyond their resumes.


How do you use video interviews for recruiting?


Video interviewing has given us the confidence to recruit remotely. Recently, it helped us with a large client that is based in Canada. Leveraging video interviews, we were able to successfully facilitate long-distance placements.

We use it internally and as a value-add resource to offer our clients.

Utilizing Spark Hire’s professional aesthetics allows users to customize how they present their video with company logos or specific titles & headers.


What is your favorite aspect of video interviewing?


Our favorite part of Spark Hire video interviewing is asking a few of the pre-populated personality questions. Historically, it’s easy to give a scripted answer to the more traditional interview questions; some of the more unique questions allow candidates a chance to show their creative side. In addition, these Spark Hire questions give our hiring team the ability to better connect with candidates on a deeper, more personal level.


What are some things you love about Spark Hire?


Definitely the ease of use! It’s really simple to learn because the platform is so user-friendly.

We also love being able to store a library of our video interviews. Spark Hire lets us quickly search and filter them to recall a previous candidate.

Lastly, we really enjoy the ability to share interviews with hiring managers. It’s an awesome tool that we frequently use to present qualified candidates to our clients.

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