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Case Study: Medical Review Institute of America

How Spark Hire’s Talent Acquisition Suite is Transforming Recruitment for Medical Review Institute of America

About Medical Review Institute of America

Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA) stands as a trailblazer in the healthcare utilization management review industry, collaborating closely with health plans, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), third-party administrators (TPA), government entities, self-insured employers, unions, disability and workers’ compensation companies to ensure optimal patient care outcomes. With a commitment to simplifying the complexities of healthcare and streamlining the prior authorization process, MRIoA boasts a diverse team of healthcare professionals, including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, case managers and account managers. Specializing in prior authorizations and appeals, we navigate health insurance intricacies to champion patient advocacy.

The Challenges

Before implementing Spark Hire, Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA) grappled with significant recruitment hurdles. The sheer volume and diversity of positions demanded a tailored approach beyond the capabilities of the existing system. MRIoA’s recruitment needs spanned across various roles, from healthcare professionals like pharmacists, nurses, and physicians to critical support positions, necessitating a diverse and adaptable hiring strategy.

Traditional recruitment methods fell short, bogged down by inefficiencies and rigid workflows that couldn’t keep pace with the demands of each role. This inefficiency delayed crucial placements of the right candidates into mission-critical roles – exacerbating the challenge. The previous system’s prescribed workflows meant required changes needed to be requested on multiple levels, often breaking other aspects of the process.

The need for a more adaptable, user-friendly solution with robust recruiting features and automation was evident, as the existing system’s limitations hindered their ability to fill open positions quickly and effectively. MRIoA sought a solution that would not only streamline their hiring process but also improve the quality of hires, ensuring that candidates met the specialized requirements of their diverse roles.

Implementing Spark Hire

Enter Spark Hire’s comprehensive suite of recruitment and hiring tools. By integrating a new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with a built-in one-way video interviewing platform, MRIoA revolutionized their hiring process with dynamic efficiency.

Spark Hire provided the flexibility and features like one-way video interviewing that their previous system lacked. Its user-friendly interface and customizable workflows enabled MRIoA to adapt the recruitment process for each unique position. Transitioning to Spark Hire not only streamlined their hiring process but also empowered the team to swiftly fill specialized roles with top-tier candidates.


1. Efficiency in high-volume hiring: from weeks to under seven days

Spark Hire significantly improved MRIoA’s hiring process for high-volume roles, such as case processors. With Spark Hire’s one-way video interview platform, candidates can complete interviews at their convenience, allowing the recruitment team to review applications more efficiently.

"We've been able to hire start to finish in under seven days for some positions, which is a tremendous improvement from our previous process—which used to take weeks."

2. Better flexibility for diverse roles

The flexibility of Spark Hire’s platform has been invaluable for MRIoA, catering to the diverse needs of various roles within the organization. From rapid hires for entry-level positions to more deliberate processes for specialized medical roles, Spark Hire’s ATS supports a tailored approach for each vacancy.

"Spark Hire's adaptability has allowed us to implement different recruitment strategies for different roles, improving our success rate across the board."

3. Improved candidate experience

The ability to complete one-way video interviews at a candidate’s convenience has been a significant benefit for candidates applying to roles with MRIoA. This flexibility allows for interviews outside traditional business hours, accommodating daytime commitments.

"Candidates can do their interviews at night, to accommodate their busy daytime schedules. This has resulted in a more engaging and less stressful experience, leading to glowing reviews from participants about how smoothly the process moves."

4. Improved hiring manager experience

Hiring managers at MRIoA have greatly benefited from Spark Hire’s platform, specifically one-way video interviews, which streamline the candidate evaluation process. This allows for quick interview reviews, with the option to watch at 1.5x the speed, enabling efficient assessment of candidates’ fit for various roles. If the candidate is a fit, they are moved to the next step of the process.

Spark Hire’s flexibility to tailor the hiring strategy to meet the unique needs of each position also benefits the hiring managers. This adaptability has led to more efficient and successful hiring outcomes, aligning with the organization’s diverse recruitment requirements.

"Spark Hire’s adaptability has been a game-changer, allowing for the customization of the recruitment process. This flexibility has also led to more structured and successful hiring outcomes. Hiring managers can review interviews at 1.5x speed at their convenience, enabling quicker, more informed decisions for high-volume positions."

5. Better quality of hire through strategic alignment

At the heart of Spark Hire’s impact is its contribution to improving the quality of hire for MRIoA. By combining the recruitment team’s deep understanding of role-specific requirements with Spark Hire’s innovative solutions, MRIoA can ensure that new hires are not only capable of performing their roles effectively but are also poised for long-term success and growth within the organization.

"We've significantly reduced our hiring time to under seven days on average with Spark Hire, plus our hiring managers love it. The flexibility is the perfect fit for our process, taking what we already do well and improving it."


MRIoA’s partnership with Spark Hire has transformed its recruitment process, enabling it to meet its staffing needs more effectively and efficiently. This allows them to continue their important work in healthcare review and consultation without the delays and complications of traditional hiring processes. Spark Hire’s platform is proving to be a robust solution, offering flexibility, efficiency, and a better experience for both candidates and hiring managers.

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