Looking for the best Hireflix alternative?

While Hireflix offers a screening tool with limited support, Spark Hire enables streamlining of every interview stage with a robust customer success program to ensure your ongoing hiring success.

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Spark Hire is the #1 video interview software provider according to G2 (2024)
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Why Spark Hire is the best alternative to Hireflix

Top-tier service, fair and flexible pricing, and a breadth of experience make Spark Hire the #1 provider.

Highlights Spark Hire Hireflix
Unlimited Interviews
24x7 Candidate Support
Onboarding Specialist
No. of employees ~100 7
Native Integrations 40+ < 12
Customer Success Manager
US-Based and Multi-Time Zone Support
Live Interviews
Scheduling Tool
Automated Reference Checks
Interview Transcripts
We respect all of our competitors and understand the effort it takes to grow a business. This information is based on research performed by the Spark Hire team along with customer feedback. We do our best to keep this up to date based on what's publicly available.

Spark Hire's more robust hiring solution helps you hire faster

The combination of Spark Hire's award-winning features and support can cut your time to hire in half (or more).

We invest in your (and your candidates’) success

Enjoy Spark Hire’s industry-leading customer service, complete with a live onboarding experience, a dedicated success manager, and rapid 24/7 candidate and technical support. Our large U.S.-based team is always ready to help you resolve any issues and help you achieve your hiring goals.

Hireflix only has a small handful of overseas support personnel, and they do not offer dedicated success managers.
Spark Hire Average Candidate Experience Rating: 4.7
Screen, Schedule, and Interview from the same platform with Spark Hire

An A-Z interviewing solution

Screening candidates is only one step. With Spark Hire, you can screen candidates, schedule interviews, and perform live interviews from the same platform – all integrated with your ATS. This takes a lot of the manual work out of the hiring process for hiring teams and hiring managers, resulting in additional time-to-hire reduction.

And because our Live Interview tool was designed with hiring in mind, its integrated questions, notes, and recording tools will make your experience far more efficient and collaborative than a service like Zoom.

Hireflix does not offer Live Interviews or a built-in scheduling tool on their platform, so you’re forced to use other systems, cutting into the benefits of an interviewing platform.

Identify more qualified candidates

Spark Hire helps you learn more about candidates with questionnaires. Identify the most qualified candidates by asking questions that can be answered with single line text, paragraphs, check boxes, radio buttons, and more.

Hireflix does not offer questionnaires, often forcing customers to go without basic qualifying information that can make live interviews a waste of time for both parties.
Request multiple choice, long answer and URLs with our Advanced Questionnaire

We work with what you’ve got

Have an existing applicant tracking system? Use one of Spark Hire’s 40+ pre-built integrations and Chrome extension to easily incorporate Spark Hire’s tools into your ATS.

Hireflix has only a fraction of the number of pre-built integrations, so it may be harder to work with your existing ATS.

Let the people speak!

Real customer reviews consistently rank Spark Hire in the top spot against competitors.

G2 Crowd Awards Badges

“Before Spark Hire, we had an issue with capacity. With a lean team, it’s hard to cover interviews with individuals, the scheduling, the rescheduling, and then also execute on the full cycle recruitment. Now that we have Spark Hire, it has been tenfold an opportunity for us to leverage our capacity in a different way.”

Kristal Shropshire

Kristal Shropshire,
Achievement Network Hear it from Kristal

“Since Spark Hire, we’re able to send out these questions and wake up in the morning to an inbox full of results and answers – and being able to see the body language of the applicants. And it gives us a more holistic view, saving us a significant amount of time.”

Tina Hamilton

Tina Hamilton,
MyHR Partner Hear it from Tina

“I have to say the team at Spark Hire is impressive. Their service, their customer service is bar none. You put in a support request and have immediate action.”

Mark Madson-Russell

Mark Madson-Russell,
TPH Hear it from Mark

How we stack up against the competition

On a table comparing video interviewing platforms, Spark Hire is at the top.
G2.com Video Interview Software Grid as of February 2023
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Why choose Spark Hire over Hireflix?

Where Hireflix offers only a simple screening tool with significant limitations, Spark Hire provides a complete interviewing platform. If you're looking to radically improve your speed to hire with modern, affordable HR tech and the dedicated support to match, then Spark Hire is the choice for you.