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A practical guide for selecting the perfect video interviewing software for your business.

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Spark Hire vs. Skype Interviews

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The most important thing to consider when comparing video interviewing software is your future success. From our experience, video interviewing success is defined by strong user adoption. It's critical that your team and your candidates find the software easy to use so getting started is simple and positive momentum can be built.

How to evaluate ease-of-use: Spark Hire Competitor
Do a full product demo and ask the video interviewing provider to show you everyday workflows. Get a demo
Read customer reviews to see if ease-of-use is commonly mentioned. Read reviews
Ask: How quickly can I get started? Instantly
Ask: Is there any custom setup or configuration required? No
Ask: Do users have to download any additional software or plugins? No


With your video interviewing goals defined, the next step is determining which features you need to achieve those goals. As Analyst and HR technology thought-leader William Tincup says, "a feature is not a feature unless users use said feature." Therefore, make sure you're not sold on something your team will never use.

How to evaluate video interviewing features: Spark Hire Competitor
One-Way Video Interviews
Video Questions
Customizable Time Limits
Customizable Take Limits
Customizable Think Time
Open Interview
Live Interview
Record Live Interviews
Interview Scheduling Software
Social Media Integration
Share Video Interview Recordings
Bulk Share Video Interview Recordings
Read Receipts on Shared Interviews
Branding Customization
Custom Welcome Videos
Interview Rating System
Interview Commenting System
Interview Tagging System
Rejection Management
User Roles, Groups, and Permissions
Analytics Dashboard
Candidate Profiles with LinkedIn Integration
iOS Mobile App for Job Seekers
iOS Mobile App for Companies
Android Mobile App for Job Seekers
Android Mobile App for Companies
Download Interviews On-Demand On Specific Plans


Chances are that this is your first time implementing video interviews at your organization. We’re big believers in eliminating the cost and commitment barriers to entry so you can easily get started with video interviewing. When speaking with providers about pricing, it’s important that you keep the following in mind: transparency, affordability, flexibility.

How to evaluate pricing: Spark Hire Competitor
Ask: Is your pricing listed on your website? View pricing
Ask: If not, how do you calculate your pricing? Transparent pricing
Ask: Tell me everything that is included and everything that's not included. Transparent pricing
Ask: How many user seats/licenses are included? 10 by default
Ask: How much does it cost to add more users? $5 USD per extra user per month
Ask: Am I required to sign a contract? No
Ask: Do you have month-to-month options with no contract? Yes
Ask: Are there any setup fees? No


Most video interviewing providers are focused on a very specific customer demographic whether it be Fortune 500s or small, localized organizations. As a result, the platforms are built with a specific company size in mind. When evaluating video interviewing providers, it's important that the vendor you select has experience working with organizations of all sizes so you can grow together.

How to evaluate scalability: Spark Hire Competitor
Ask for customer names that represent different demographics (e.g. number of employees). Upon request
Check for references at organizations that are similar to yours. Upon request
Ask: Do I have the option to scale my account up and down at any time? Yes
Ask: Is your server infrastructure a global network? Yes
Ask: Is your infrastructure redundant? Yes
Ask: Is your infrastructure co-located? Yes
Ask: Are connections to your servers encrypted? Yes
Ask: Do you route web traffic based on load and latency? Yes
Ask: Are you U.S.-EU Safe Harbor certified? Yes


Since video interviewing is most likely a new initiative within your recruitment process, it's important you partner with a video interviewing software provider who is dedicated to your success. The amount of customer support and training you receive is essential in your team's adoption of video interviewing.

How to evaluate support: Spark Hire Competitor
Get references who will vouch for the provider's customer support Upon request
Ask: Will you do a live training session with our team? Yes
Ask: Do you have a library of best practices and strategies? Yes
Ask: Do you have how-to and tutorials available on-demand? Yes
Ask: Will you proactively monitor our account and help us improve our results? Yes
Ask: Will we have a dedicated account manager? Yes
Ask: Do you offer support 7 days per week? Yes
Ask: Will you proactively support my candidates? Yes
Ask: Do you offer Live Interview Concierge Services? Yes
Ask: Do you proactively communicate with candidates to improve interview conversion? Yes
Ask: Do you have interview coaches for candidates to speak with? Yes
Ask: Will you provide our candidates with tips and advice for their video interview? Yes
Ask: Do you survey candidates for feedback on their experience? Yes


If you use an applicant tracking system, it's a bonus if it integrates with your video interviewing provider. When speaking with video interview software providers, check to see if they integrate with your ATS.

How to evaluate integration capabilities: Spark Hire Competitor
Find out if the provider integrates with your applicant tracking system View partners
Verify the integration with your applicant tracking system Contact your ATS rep
Make sure the integration is well-built and isn't just a referral partnership Contact your ATS rep
Ask: How many applicant tracking systems do you integrate with? 20+
Ask: How do the integrations work? Upon request
Ask: Will you reach out to my ATS to discuss an integration? Yes
Ask: Do you have an API? Yes
Ask: Can we use your API to integrate with our internal system? Yes
Ask: Is there any cost associated with integrations that we should be aware of? No

Customer Proof

To ensure you're working with a leader in video interviewing, you'll want customers of the provider to validate their standing. References, testimonials, and the number of customers should be what you're looking for here.

How to evaluate integration capabilities: Spark Hire Competitor
Get a list of customers specific to your industry Upon request
Find out how many total customers the provider has 3,000+
Discover the number of countries the provider is in 50+
Read customer reviews, case studies, and more Read reviews

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