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The Ultimate Guide to Video Interviewing

The Ultimate Guide to Video Interviewing

Learn how-to properly implement video interviewing at your business and how it can help you make better hires faster than ever.

2018 Growth Hiring Trends in the United States

2018 Growth Hiring Trends in the United States

Learn what tools, trends, and goals are driving the fastest growing organizations and how you can apply these at your organization.

The Go-To Guide for Perfect Interview Questions

The Go-To Guide for Perfect Interview Questions

Learn what interview questions the top hiring experts are asking, why they are important, and how you can leverage them in your process.

How to Prove You're the Best Staffing Firm

How to Prove You're the Best Staffing Firm

Learn actionable tips that'll help you dominate the competition and create a stellar reputation that will make every candidate and client want to work with you.

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Nightmare On Recruiting Street

Nightmare On Recruiting Street

Being a recruiter can be a very rewarding career. But sometimes — between the needy clients and flaky candidates — things can get a bit scary. Have no fear, we’ve created the following infographic with tips to help you make it through even the toughest recruiting situations.

16 Hiring Problems You Need to Solve This Year (and How)

16 Hiring Problems You Need to Solve This Year (and How)

As the hiring process continues to evolve, staying on top of the latest HR tech trends will be important for your organization when searching for and connecting with top talent. If you plan on hiring in 2016 (which you should be), here are 16 ways to improve your entire process.

The Evolution of Job Interviews infographic

The Evolution of Job Interviews

Getting a job didn’t always involve face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or video interviews. Check out this infographic to learn how the job interview came to be and the changes it’s gone through over the years.

6 Tips for Using Video Interviews for Staffing Success

6 Tips for Using Video Interviews for Staffing Success

Video interviews are an essential tool for staffing pros looking to connect with only the best talent out there and to maintain great relationships with their clients. Check out this infographic to learn how this powerful technology will enable you to help your clients make the right hire every time.

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8 Candidate Red Flags You Need to Watch For

There are a number of signs to tell if a candidate is a good (or bad) fit for your company and the position at hand. This blog contains eight candidate red flags to watch for in order to avoid a bad hire, as told by some of today’s leading hiring professionals.

The 5 Best Interview Questions You Need to Ask for Cultural Fit

Cultural fit is one of the most important things hiring professionals need to evaluate for in a job interview, but it’s also one of the most challenging traits to identify. This blog offers some expert suggestions on interview questions to ask to determine a candidate's cultural fit.

10 of the Most Revealing Interview Questions to Ask Job Candidates

Candidates are well-versed in the most common interview questions. If you really want to spark a more authentic discussion, the answer is simple: ask better questions. To truly get to know your candidates, ask the 10 interview questions in this article during your next interview.

6 Millennial Recruiting Techniques You Need to Know About

Millennials will be the largest generation in the U.S. workforce as of this year. They're taking over today's workplace. This unique generation of workers requires an equally unique recruiting strategy. This blog contains six techniques you need to successfully recruit Millennial candidates.

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Compare Video Interviewing Software

A practical guide for selecting the perfect video interviewing software for your business.

Why Switch from Another Video Interviewing Provider

Using another video interviewing service? Here's why you should switch to Spark Hire.

Spark Hire vs. Skype Interviews

Learn the differences between Spark Hire's video interviewing platform and video chat platforms like Skype.

Introductory Guide to Video Interviews

An all-encompassing resource to learn everything you need to know about video interviews.

Spark Hire Reviews

Discover what real customers are saying about Spark Hire's video interviewing solutions.

Spark Hire Case Studies

Read success stories from customers getting awesome results from video interviewing on Spark Hire.

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